Illumina Creative project: Online Pharmacy Design

Online Pharmacy Design.

Designs of the website of the pharmacy online pharmacy GP Pharma have been created. The logo has been updated, the style and structure of the store s pages has been completely redesigned.

 The pharmacy s competitive advantage is particularly highlighted - deliveries to clinics at special prices.

 Category page. The price, quantity of goods and the purchase button will not escape the visitor s sight.

Design of internal pages and pop-up forms was created.

 Now the supermarket has its own corporate identity.

 The appearance of the site before the redisplay.

< p> Don t be sick! ;)

Difficulties with Russian legislation, which has gaps related to the online sale of medical products, were not prevented by the GP Pharma pharmacy order the design of an online store for the sale of medicines.

Website design of an online pharmacy began with a cosmetic update of the logo, which has become brighter and cleaner. European minimalism, rich and rich colors emphasize the quality of pharmacological products in the online store. In order to make the created website design more recognizable and stylish, a corporate pattern was created and a set of thematic icons. Thanks to this, the customer will be able to further modify and complement the design of the online store without any particular problems.

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Maria Tikhomirova (DEVINO Telecom, Head of Marketing).
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