Illumina Creative project: Redesign of an online furniture store

Redesign of an online furniture store.

Redesign of the homepage and search interface of - the largest site for selecting furniture.

 The purpose of the main page of the site is to provide advertising spots partners and prevent the visitor from missing the "search" button.

 The search interface makes it easy to navigate in a directory with four levels of nesting.

The original version of the design.

One of the most popular furniture selection internet sites decided to order a website design to update the outdated appearance of the resource. The concept of the main page was proposed and a search filter was developed. The new look, combining European minimalism and attractiveness for commercial partners, remains unrealized.

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«I was pleased with the work of the agency and Mikhail as his representative. They listened and heard us. Thanks to the redesign of the online store, we are recording a noticeable increase in conversion »
Dmitry Agadzhanov (General Director of Pokupalylux LLC).
«We started with the usual Landing + Yandex.Direct set, but in the end we switched to the format of a large site. Contextual advertising began to work better! »
Alex (AppCafe, CEO).