Illumina Creative project: B2B redesign of office equipment online store

B2B redesign of office equipment online store.

Designed for all pages of the Office World online store. As always, special attention is paid to the convenience of using the site: it is easy to search, easy to buy and pleasant to be.

Home greets the visitor with new products, an understandable catalog and a slight emphasis on the advantages of the online store. has been supplying equipment for banks, offices, printing houses and others since 2005. organizations. You can always buy from them paper shredders (shredders) , banknote sorters , and more.

Product page. The buy button does not slip away; you can read recommendations on choosing a product from this category, select related products or see something similar.

 The user s account is tempted by the discount approaching with each purchase.

 And it happens.

Designed for all internally their pages and pop-up forms.

< img src = "images/add/6p.jpg" alt = ""> Initial sketch.

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