Illumina Creative project: Online Games Portal Design

Online Games Portal Design.

Design of a portal about online games has been created. The resource is visited by more than 90,000 people a day. The number of views is more than 500,000 per day.

 Bright and fun design, however, does not distract from the main content .

A corporate identity for the site has been drawn.

 The project started with a sketch of the structure and choosing the color scheme of the site.

The set of icons covers the entire range of toys available on the site.

Creating a portal design about online games began with developing a sketch of the structure. This made it possible to quickly coordinate the position of the main blocks, devoting more time to the graphic part of the site design. The palette is chosen bright and "playful"; creating a corporate pattern allowed us to make the site design stylish and memorable.

A wide range of games requires careful sorting, and to facilitate navigation when developing a site design, all the necessary section and category icons have been created.

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«Thank you guys for a wonderfully original work and being responsive. We presented our system to more than 200 visitors and got fantastic feedback »
Maria Tikhomirova (DEVINO Telecom, Head of Marketing).
«All 4 variants of the RestoRus logo really liked. We hardly agreed with the general one which one to choose :) »
Vadim Zuykov (CEO of NTA Event Media Group).