Communication site with a visitor

Communication site with a visitor

Communication site with the visitor. Web Designer Knowledge Base
Michael CEO&Founder

Printed 2003-10-20

First, I want to tell you about one simple, but not very common way to look at any site on the Internet. I will often come back to him in the course, so you still have to read this note :)

In my work I am of the opinion that when a person visits the site, the communication process begins. This is the communication between the visitor and the site. I am opposed to looking at this whole thing as if an animated being - a person - simply receives information mechanically from a soulless site. 

I believe that it is more correct to look at it as a two-way process. After all, as a visitor is a participant in the process, so is the site. As a visitor “speaks” to the site - clicks on a button, reads something - so the site tells the visitor something, invites him to do something, reacts (pop-up windows appear, and so on). This is almost a complete communication process. 

Try to look at the site as a living subject. A bit of philosophy: the subject is that, roughly speaking, he thinks and does himself. The visitor's subjectivity is not in doubt: he has come, wants something, clicks on buttons, performs actions. This cannot be influenced in any way. But the subjectivity of the site is laid down by the designer! Designer, copywriter and so on:
• Copywriter chooses what words the site communicates with; 
• Designer chooses a conversation scenario; 
• Designer chooses HOW the site communicates with the client. 

Why this is the article in the Marketing section? Because the marketing, commercial success of the site depends on how comfortable it will be for a person to communicate with him, how good a “sales person” he will be. After all, the site is a salesperson and consultant. 

Everything is like in an offline business: the effectiveness of an employee depends on how well he was trained. If you take this into account before order site development , you will end up with a product that will be much more convenient and enjoyable for the visitor. 

Before creating a site, think: what kind of person is needed to communicate with future visitors? Need a talker? If not, you don't need to dump a ton of text on the site. Need a slippery ornate type? If not, you don't need to put on the site “10 standard advantages of our company” and other water, it's better to speak essentially. 

If a person asks: “Do you have a fishing rod up to 5000 and made of fiberglass?” - the seller must answer that yes - there is, at such a price, there are so many of them, for the next price. This means that the site must be able to do the SAME! 

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