Responsive Grid for Bootstrap

Responsive Grid for Bootstrap

If you are not yet designing for mobile phones, then the market will soon throw you on the reefs of unemployment.
Michael CEO&Founder

Printed 2013-05-20

If you are not yet designing for mobile phones, then the market will soon throw you on the reefs of unemployment. Making a design for all existing permissions becomes unrealistic - too many different displays have appeared, and there will be even more. 

There is a convenient tool for layout immediately for any permissions - Bootstrap. I will not go into the territory of HTML coders, I'll only tell you what the designer needs to know in order to create an adaptive website design. 

First, under Bootstrap you need to make a grid of a certain kind. The most convenient is a 12-column grid. It is suitable for most corporate sites and landing pages, although it's more difficult to make a news site on it. 

Don’t be afraid to add guides to it when you need it to comply with indentation and allocation of free space, but make sure that the semantic blocks fit seamlessly into this grid - when compressing the screen, they will adaptively rebuild, and here you need to strictly adhere to the columns. 

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