What happens to the internet

What happens to the internet

What happens to the internet. Web Designer Knowledge Base
Michael CEO&Founder

Printed 2022-09-20

There are two big problems that spoil our lives. And I'm not talking about fools and roads now ... maybe only fools. 

The first is that we live in a world of informational noise. Signs, billboards, advertisements on TV persistently break into every second of our lives, taking away a piece of attention. The same thing happens on the Internet: it is crammed with millions of sites that look like two drops of water. If in these conditions you give the visitor really important, interesting information, this weapon is worse than Kalash in the Stone Age. The designer is often blamed for the fact that the product he made is a template. “I want creativity” ... I don't know how you are - but I personally feel sick of this phrase. Yes, the only thing is that creativity here will not save. Thousands of designers at this very second sit and come up with a new website design , a beautiful wrapper for information that no one needs. 

The result is sad - the Internet flooded with the same govnosaytami. They have no content, but they copy the wrapper. 

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