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What is style. Web Designer Knowledge Base
Michael CEO&Founder

Printed 2018-10-20

What is style in general? This is some idea that goes through all the parts and details of the site. This is a single design principle and the similarity between the elements. 

Style can be expressed in the fact that the site is designed in certain colors. Or the fact that the site is all black and white, except for important headings. 

The style can be in typography: it can be specified by the fact that the headings are typed with a capital without distextge, sans serif, and the main text with a classic serif font. This is the style, if you do this everywhere on the site. 

The style may be in some layout. For example, if the text is everywhere on the site, and to the left of it in the form of a footnote an illustration is a style. 

The style can be in icons. For example, if all of them are made contour with a line width of 1 pixel. 

The style may be that the site regularly, purposefully uses some angular designs: button, dice. If you do it carefully - and, most importantly, repeat this principle everywhere, in different details - it will be stylish. And if you just snap some kind of curved button, there will be bad taste. All these are common words, but they are necessary in order to understand how a stylish website design is obtained and by what principles cool projects are drawn. 

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