What is web design?

What is web design?

It turns out that many people have very different meanings in the concept of web design ...
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Printed 2009-11-20

A lot of problems arise from the fact that many people answer differently to the question “what is web design”. Let's see what options are there. 

Website design work

Often the phrase "web design" refers to the scope of activities in which the web designer works. Simply put, this is the job of creating website layouts. In the Russian segment of the Internet, this is simply called: website design

What is web design? 

In the English-speaking world, when they talk about web design, they often mean a more general concept. We have it called "website development." In addition to the design itself (that is, the visual component), it includes website layout, installation of a management system (CMS) and hosting on the hosting site. 

Small web design < / h2>

Another meaning that is put into these words can be explained as follows. This is any element of the style, any component of the appearance of the site (for example, an icon or banner). They say “order web design” and mean drawing a banner, for example. 

In general, what is web design seems to be quite clear, but when communicating it is worth immediately clarifying what meaning is meant. This will help to avoid conflicts in the future! 

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