Website Designs in 2019, 2020

Website Designs in 2019, 2020

Website Design 2019-2020: Main Trends
Michael CEO&Founder

Printed 2012-11-20

What was website design in 2019? Let's describe some basic trends


The trend towards minimalism continued. Not in the classical sense, when its logical conclusion is “white background + black text”. This refers to the minimalism of another plan: all unnecessary details, distracting illustrations and so on, are removed. This is a consequence of the increase in information noise: the visitor's tired look will not bear the “attack” of a colorful, but meaningless design. 

Material Design

The style once proposed by Google will continue to remain in trend. This is more true for mobile applications, where the presence of several “layers” simplifies the life of the user, making the interface more intuitive. 

On the other hand , website interfaces have become more "flat". This does not go into the hard FLAT-style, which was popular a few years ago, but the use of plain colors, fills and buttons is still relevant. 

Dimensions and spaces

Monitors are getting bigger, the resolution of displays is growing. In 2018, designers increasingly began to use the full space of the monitor: these are large pictures, large illustrations, and so on. 

Using large objects allows you to very brightly accent and attract the attention of users. 

In general, in website design, 2018 was not a year of drastic global changes: more and more attention of developers and designers is shifting to UI, mobile and social networks. 

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