Emotional and logical thinking

Emotional and logical thinking

Emotional and logical thinking. Web Designer Knowledge Base
Michael CEO&Founder

Printed 2005-10-20

Now another classification. Psychologists have found out (yes, we ourselves guessed!) That people are divided into 2 types: someone thinks emotionally, and someone thinks analytically. So, both graphics and text on the site should:
1. Create a mood. An emotional person will better perceive catchy ambiguous headings, a short explanatory text, bright and eye-catching graphics. He is more interested in reading a book than a list of textacteristics. 
2. Transmit information. A person with more rational thinking wants facts. He needs a short list of 5 points, where the essence of the matter will be. He will like it when everything is laid out on shelves. 

This is a well-known division into techies and humanities. Keep in mind who creates the site design : for engineers you need one thing, for teenage girls - another. 

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