Design Issues for a State-Owned Company

Design Issues for a State-Owned Company

Official websites of government agencies are distinguished by the fact that their design must comply with some accepted standards
Michael CEO&Founder

Printed 2017-04-20

Official sites of government agencies differ in that their design must comply with some accepted standards. Design should not contain pretentiousness, whether it be fonts, illustrations, textures and so on. The color scheme should correspond to either the state colors of the Russian Federation or the colors of the state body for which the site is made (or both!)

Usually the structure on these sites is the same: header , menu, 2..3 columns. The task of the designer is to somehow refresh this template, make it more interesting and more human. Add unobtrusive graphic effects, make a slightly unusual grid (layout). 

Keep in mind that it will be filled by public sector employees who will not, for example, specially process photos for news. Everything should be as simple as possible! 

In general, the style is similar to the style of the sites of large corporations: this is minimalism, the lack of excess. At the same time, there is a lot of information, and in fact there is room for creativity and design. 

Government sites should be designed so that they can be used by anyone who is arbitrarily far from the Internet and information technology. We have a big country, and people are different. In many respects, stereotypedness is connected: some new-fangled chips cannot be used here - a person can simply get confused and not figure it out. The site design has been arranged simply! 

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