Graphic rhyme with logo

Graphic rhyme with logo

Graphic rhyme with logo. Web Designer Knowledge Base
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Printed 2019-10-20

The font chosen for the logo should be reflected in the font solution of the site - whether it be the font of text blocks or the font of the headers. Often the style of the whole paragraph with the heading is “sewn up” in the logo - the name of the company corresponds to the heading, and the signature to the logo corresponds to the standard text. Not only a logo with headings can rhyme: the same applies, for example, to the text on buttons - it, like the heading, should be highlighted and noticeable, and therefore it is reasonable to arrange this text in a similar way. There is a more subtle version of the graphic rhyme. For example, if the logo has sharp shapes resembling antiqua cutoffs, it is logical to choose a serif font; and if the forms are soft, then you should try the grotesque with rounded outlines.  cool website design , stylish and memorable. 

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