Graphic rhyme in colors

Graphic rhyme in colors

Graphic rhyme in colors. Web Designer Knowledge Base
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Printed 2024-10-20

When choosing colors, the technique described in the summary article is almost always applied. 

Often the choice of palette is determined by the existing logo. You can make the site as a whole only of those colors that are present in the logo, or you can use their variations - for example, add dark blue and blue to the blue to highlight some information. 

If you limit yourself to one or two colors present in the logo, the site can turn out to be very bland and boring. To prevent this from happening, you can add some contrasting color to these colors, which is not contained in the logo, but will complement the style well. For example, add dark orange to the dark blue colors and paint the buttons in it. 

Another, more interesting way to choose the right color is to analyze the theme of the site and find some kind of color association. This may be the predominant color in this business (say, red for an English studio: red is the state color of England). Or the textacteristic color of some important detail, like gold for a jewelry company or the color of "blue fuel" for Gazprom. Or a color that reflects the wishes of visitors - for example, yellow-blue colors for clients of a travel agency, hungry for blue sky and bright sun. 

In any case, a reasonable and thoughtful selection of colors, when they are selected according to some principle, and not “from the half-way”, very noticeably helps create a unique website design with its own style, unlike thousands of other sites on the Internet. 

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