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Printed 2029-10-20

Essentially, an icon is a miniature graphic element. That's why they are so useful:
1. It can be inserted almost anywhere on the site: on a background image, on a white background, directly in the text in the form of a bullet, and so on; 
2. This is a very brief, concise way to convey information. People got used to the icons, and one look at the small truck with the signature FREE is enough to understand what it is about; 
3. The icon is a great way out of the situation if in website design you need to cram a large amount of text, and the human visual does not find anything for himself; 
4. They can be completely different both in detail and in style: from an outline symbol to a small photo stolen on Photographs; 
5. They are easily and quickly made. They can be taken from the bank of icons, you can draw yourself or make from a photograph; 
6. Help make the site stylish. You make icons in one style, tie the style to the style of the logo - and voila! 

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