How to make a website design

How to make a website design

How to design a site: yourself or with a designer?
Michael CEO&Founder

Printed 2008-11-20

The answer to the question of how to make a website design depends on the main condition: will you FULLY do it yourself or will anyone else be involved in this business something. 

Website design with a designer

What kind of stupidity? If there is a designer, then let him think how to make a design! Do not rush to think so. Left to his own devices, the designer will not do at all what you expect from him. As practice shows, it is critical to give the designer the following information:

  • Brief or terms of reference with a general description of the meaning of your site and the required content
  • Desirable: simple prototypes of the main pages (you can draw them on paper), so that it is clear which blocks on the page are main, which are secondary
  • It's also important: some landmarks in style. Not for plagiarism, but for the designer to immediately "get" in the direction you need. 

Design your own site

If you do everything yourself, then you will have to work on the prototype more. This is an important stage: think carefully about what the site should consist of, what elements are important on the main page, and so on. 

Having a prototype, you can build a site on the designer or draw a layout in Photoshop or, for example, FIGMA. 

There are separate lessons for working in graphic editors. Do not expect success from the first attempts: practice is indispensable in this matter :)

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