What should be the design of the site in 2020

What should be the design of the site in 2020

By 2020, web design trends have changed again. Are you surprised? We are not :)
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Printed 2021-01-20

The development of any business is not an easy task. You have to deal with everything at once: you think about marketing strategies, creating new product lines and company growth. All this happens on the same day and in the same head (yours). 

With so many ongoing challenges, digital advancement may be relegated to the background. However, this will be a serious mistake. 

British scientists (no) from Harvard Business Review recently conducted a study on what exactly makes people shop on a particular site. It turned out that if buyers feel safe, comfortable and at ease while on the site, then you will have a much greater chance of not just “selling” them, but also making them regular customers. 

The correct website design is central to creating this feeling. Being on a site that is simple and convenient, visitors experience more positive emotions, and this increases the likelihood of a purchase. 

Thus, although things like the company image, excellent reviews and a quality product are the most obvious ways to arouse the interest of visitors, the design of the site depends on whether the company deserves trust or not. 

There are several proven design life hacks to stand out from the crowd. They will help turn your site visitors into regular customers. Do not worry, we will not talk about platitudes like “adaptive design” - this is too obvious. 

Here are five major web design and UX trends that work for your business. 

1 . Video on the landing page

The introduction of video in the site design is not difficult. 78 percent of internet users watch videos online every week and have no problems with speed. 

It's not enough to insert old YouTube videos. Instead, take it to the next level by creating a video landing. 

You can customize this video so that there is a direct call to action on a specific page, for example, using Salesforce. Or you can shoot some really cool, exciting video that automatically plays on the main page of the site. Any of these approaches can, firstly, give the visitor additional information, and secondly, strengthen contact with him. Both will improve the UX and the user experience of your site (and company) in general. 

According to Vidyard and Demand Metric's “State of Video Marketing 2017” study, which was attended by 159 B2B and B2C specialists and entrepreneurs, 69% of website traffic is video, and 70% of participants reported that video converts better than other forms of content. 

2. Parallax Scrolling

Although total digitalization has undoubtedly improved many aspects of our daily lives, it also has a negative effect: people have become completely lazy. So lazy that even pressing a button can be lazy. 

Use parallax scrolling. 

This uneven scrolling effect helps to combat the laziness of visitors, making the site attractive and interesting. With a simple scroll, users get more and more information, scroll the page, and get it in an unexpected form. 

The popularity of parallax scrolling increased the average “length” of single-page pages and made information so important on the first screen, as more people began to get to the bottom of the “sheet”. Ultimately, this simplifies prioritization between blocks of content and increases the likelihood that your user will see everything that is required. 

For example, the Make Your Money Matter project used an effect with a colorfully illustrated timeline running both horizontally and vertically. She's great at capturing attention! 

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3. Animated Calls to Action

Calls to Action (CTA) in website design is an unpleasant need. The fact remains: your visitors will not know what to do if you do not explicitly point them out. Once again. And further. 

However, just putting a button is no longer enough. People see a bunch of incentives and call-to-action all the time, so to highlight your CTA, you need something else. 

Adding a small amount of animation to your conversion elements can have a great effect. This may be a simple effect that attracts the attention of users. A person is more likely to perform the desired action if the CTA captures attention and if this element is interactive. After all, sometimes you just want to press a button that clearly responds to your movements with the mouse, have you noticed? :)

Need some examples? Good Let's say Airbnb uses the Lottie app to create graphical animations on top of its CTAs on all sites and apps. 

4. Individual typography

Each site needs a well-designed text, but the days of boring Times New Roman, Arial or any other standard font are long gone. Make texts more attractive with the help of unique typography, which will make the style of the company memorable and at the same time improve the perception of the text. 

An example of non-standard typography in website design. Actually in 2020

This typography can take various forms (literally) or be used in different areas of the site. Some companies can use it in their logo, while others can use their own font in the entire website design to draw attention to important content (for example, in a call to action in the newsletter). Ultimately, the choice of how and where to use the particular font is up to you. 

5. Artificial Intelligence

Despite the surge in sales in online stores compared to ordinary ones, people still want lively human communication. This is probably one of the reasons that artificial intelligence in all its forms is so popular. 

AI in website design can take many forms; Some popular examples are machine learning, personalization, and chat bots. Machine learning and personalization are somewhat similar and give a sense of their own “features” to the user, which, in turn, helps to increase loyalty to the company. 

Well, chat bots affect the conversion directly. The meaning of using chat bots in the interface of your site is related to customer service. They can ask questions and quickly receive answers in real time. And it can be beautifully visualized. 

Quartz is a great example of a chatbot in mobile applications. Thanks to the lively dialogue interface and fun memes, users are more likely to come back to have fun (instead of reading a boring news article elsewhere). 

Example of using the chat bot

Investing money and time in the design site , you can create a loyal customer base that will buy again and again. There are many other design elements that you can include in your marketing, but there are general rules:

  • Make your users feel comfortable
  • You need to present the company in the right way
  • Focus on important calls to action
  • Give users the information they need to make informed choices. 

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