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Printed 2026-09-20

Here are some simple ways to make a site “creative” for a customer, solve his tasks, and not spend a lot of effort. 

The first way is to take advantage of the Internet: interactive. With the current development of technology (I'm primarily talking about HTML5), you can do almost anything interactive! 

A boring logo? Make a simple animation and get a “wow" from a bunch of visitors. 

Uninteresting icons? If you get a little confused and come up with a beautiful effect when you mouse over, it will be more fun. 

And so on. Of course, you don't need to overdo animations with website design - otherwise you get dumb sites where everything moves somewhere and makes sense so that it's impossible to figure it out. This method works precisely, eliminating boredom in certain places. 

The second way is to add humanity. Unfortunately, the Runet is still in a state where the “humanity” on the site can be perceived as creative. This does not mean "More human faces," although it is useful in moderation. Add a creative that will make the visitor's communication with the site more pleasant and convenient. 

And vice versa, the communication of the site with the visitor should also be humane. Communication is generally a two-way process, many forget about it. It turns out sites, going to which, you feel like a robot. 

Let the creative be in the style of headings, in the names of buttons, controls. A site on which, in the “Partners” section, instead of the “Details” link, says “10 more of our customers” is already perceived much better! 

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