Detuning method
Detuning method. Knowledge Base for Website Designer
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Printed 2029-09-20

It may happen that absolutely nothing comes to mind. No idea comes up, but what turns out is terrible. 

It must be remembered that creating a unique website design is still a creative lesson. Therefore, in such moments you need to give yourself rest. Rest to the eye, rest to the brain. If something does not go - stop! Take another project, or better do another thing altogether. 

And then take a fresh look at what you did, remember what came to mind. There will be more chances to catch some fresh idea and bring it to life as it should. 

The roots of this simple and understandable phenomenon are in psychology. When working with the site's layout, the designer actually communicates with the object of his creativity, and a connection is established, similar to the connection of two people in their communication. If the “conversation" does not stick, the designer does not have a result. 

What should I do if communication does not work out? Yes, say goodbye and talk another time. And so that the process of "rest" is faster, use the methods of detuning - get as far as possible from what you did. Was the topic related to the sea and travel? Go skiing! 

And so on. And then go back to the layout, and you will see it in a different light. 

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