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Printed 2030-09-20

We have already talked about psychology and the method of detuning; It is worth mentioning the opposite effect. Surely you noticed that it happens that the work is straightforward: everything is done as it should, it turns out interesting and stylish. At such moments, you enter a light state of trance (in psychology this is called an externally-oriented trance: you “go in cycles” with an external source). 

A similar state arises when you communicate with an interesting person: a conversation absorbs all attention - you stop even notice what's happening around. 

An externally oriented trance is very useful for work. Note what helps you get into it: for example, certain music or just a sound background. Concentrate on the details of the layout with the site design , shifting attention from one to the other, and do not allow any "extra" thoughts in your head. 

AND it will come :)

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