Method: composition check

Method: composition check

Method: checking the composition. Web Designer Knowledge Base
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Printed 2016-10-20

There is an easy way to check the quality of the layout you just created. This is not about the “get enough sleep and look again” method, but about what. 

How to understand if the composition is good? Step away from the screen a few steps and look at what you have done. The number of steps depends on the size of the monitor and the information load on the site. 

If the composition is correct, you will see from afar where the main heading on the site tells you what the page is; where on the site an element for communication; where is the conversion element. This largely distinguishes the high-quality individual website design from the template work. 

If any of this is not visible, return to the layout and correct it. 

In addition, from afar your layout should not look like a set of randomly scattered spots. These spots should clearly correspond to the most important blocks, and the less they are within the same screen - the better. 

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