Mood from antiqua and grotesque

Mood from antiqua and grotesque

The mood from the antiqua and the grotesque. Web Designer Knowledge Base
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Printed 2020-10-20

Serif fonts (antiqua, serif) are more traditional and the emotions from them are appropriate. The serif shape of the letter resembles the base of an antique column, and the presence of these serifs allows you to make the stroke thinner - as a result, the sign looks more refined, sophisticated. 

Impressions of the antiqua are classic, traditions, rules, fidelity, handmade work, experience. 

Sans serif fonts (grotesque, sans-serif) are more modern. Chopped forms sometimes seem rude, but solid. At the same time, a grotesque in a fine style can look as sophisticated as an antiqua, but at the same time more fresh. On the contrary, in a bold style, catchy headings and names are obtained. Depending on what tasks the site design faces, the choice of font scheme will also change. 

The choice between antique and grotesque is not only a matter of mood. There has been a lot of research on this subject, and in general the result is this: the antiqua is better read when it comes to large, long blocks of text. But individual words are better perceived if typed in a grotesque. 

A popular technique is based on this - to make headings in sans-serif font, and then to start the text with serifs. 

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