Website Design Patterns

Website Design Patterns

Patterns in website design. Web Designer Knowledge Base
Michael CEO&Founder

Printed 2030-10-20

1. They are easy to make, starting from the corporate identity, logo or even just from the subject. Example: there is a logo, we arrange it in a checkerboard pattern - and it will be a pattern! Another example: a company deals with spare parts. You can take the icons of the engine, wheels, gears, nipples, arrange them neatly - and this will be the pattern. And it will be branded! How to do it in 3 minutes in Photoshop, I tell in a neighboring note. 

2. They are ideal for the Internet, since any block with a pattern can be made rubber. You can tile any space with a pattern - at least the entire background of the site, at least a selected block of some form, at least a button. 

3. This is an element of style that does not burden the site - both in terms of download speed, and in terms of perception. It may be light, gray - but it will still create style! At the same time, the pattern does not occupy a separate place, this is just one way to fill. 

4. Perfectly carried offline, on business cards, wrapping paper and so on. 

5. The pattern differs from the usual site design elements in its repeating structure. If the design is empty and it is not clear what to do with it, add a pattern somewhere. 

6. It can be either two-dimensional or one-dimensional: they can be tiled with an area, or you can make some line of an interesting shape (like a signal on a cardiogram, for example) . 

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