Why do I need to draw buttons manually?

Why do I need to draw buttons manually?

Why buttons need to be drawn manually. Web Designer Knowledge Base
Michael CEO&Founder

Printed 2031-10-20

It is important to remember that a button is a conversion element. By definition, this is the most mouth-watering, tastiest, most eye-catching thing on the site. Therefore, if it is made inaccurately, stereotyped, stolen from another site, made without love, then all other efforts go down the drain. 

I believe that even a half-empty, template site can look good (and sell well!), if the designer is well confused over this one element - over the buttons. Of course, if the site design is individual , the effect will be even stronger. 

Buttons need to be done carefully and done by yourself. And this is very simple and very fast - and the effect is great. For example, to make some kind of heterogeneous highlighting, put a texture, add an element from the general style of the site. 

There is an important limitation here. Experience shows that you do not need to make buttons too fanciful. You need to know the measure! If the button is too much different from the usual look of the button in general, it won't work! 

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