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Printed 2004-11-20

Graphic rhyme is the easiest, most reliable and effective way to make website design stylish. 

For example, there is a website and there is logo in the form of a sign inscribed in a circle with a stroke of 2 pixels. A simple solution is to keep the logo motifs repeated in different parts of the site. We make buttons with rounded edges. We make the icons in a circle with a stroke of 2 pixels. Make underscores in the main menu with a thickness of 2 pixels. And so on. 

That is, a graphic rhyme is a similarity of different elements of a site according to some principle. In our example, the principle is this: these are rounded shapes and a 2-pixel stroke. If you repeat this principle, you get a graphic rhyme and get a style. 

Glossy icon
VolksWagen logo
Seamless pattern-patterns
Technical design lesson.  Useful for buttons, controls and similar graphics on the site. 
Noisy texture patterns
IOS-style icon.  Useful for blocks like "our advantages" and the like. 
Simple beautiful icons.  Useful for easy graphics
About the color wheel
Useful reminder for the whole process

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A selection of lessons on Photoshop

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