Good button rules
The rules of a good button. Web Designer Knowledge Base
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Printed 2001-11-20

Checklist for creating a valid button:
1. The text on the button should be perfectly readable even at a distance of 2..3 meters from the monitor
2. The text should be aligned inside the button both in the center and in the center vertical
3. It is good if the gaps between the text and the borders of the button are the same both vertically and horizontally
4. The button should be drawn in three states: "default", when you hover and when you press
5. The button must be contrasted with the surrounding site design or have a contrasting border < br> 6. Button to zhna be delicious on it should want to click. This is achieved due to rich colors, highlights and shadows
7. If the button is not in a flat FLAT-style, then it may have a reflex from the background (for example, a light light reflection if it is on a white background). 
8 If there is a button with an outline, then the thickness of the stroke should coincide with the thickness of the font lines used to write the text in the button. 

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