Mirror principle
The principle of the mirror. Web Designer Knowledge Base
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Printed 2004-10-20

When you come to the restaurant, you are pleased if your favorite is on the list of dishes. Maybe you won't even order it - but it's nice anyway. Here you like potatoes with herring, look at the menu - and there on the seventh line: potatoes with herring! And you think - but a good place in general! 

Another example. You open your own business and you are terribly afraid to keep accounts, because you don’t understand anything about it. And here on the accounting company website you see “an automatic billing and bookkeeping service for beginners.” It's about you! 

That's why the block “for whom we work”, so popular now, appeared on many landing pages. When we did website design in an English studio, we took this moment into account even: when choosing customers whose reviews are worth putting on the site, we divided them into categories. So that every visitor to the site in one of them recognizes himself. We made sure that among them there were students, there were businessmen, there were girls and men, there were adults and young people, with experience and not so much. So that each visitor, after scrolling through 5-7 reviews, recognizes himself in someone. 

This is very important and you need to follow this! 

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