Web Design Trends 2019, 2020

Web Design Trends 2019, 2020

By 2020, web design trends have changed again. Are you surprised? We are not :)
Michael CEO&Founder

Printed 2011-01-20

By 2020, web design trends have changed again. Are you surprised? We are not :)

In 2008, when we started doing website design , there were huge drawn “caps” in fashion. Now this is an anachronism. How has fashion changed? Here are a few global trends. 


Now this is not the desire to remove absolutely everything and stay with a black square on a white background. It is rather an understanding that in the current information environment, user attention is a very valuable resource. Therefore, each design element, each icon and illustration must pass the test of “semantic necessity". Not necessary? Down with! 

Color and style solutions

Gradually, the Internet has become a “home” environment for all ages and generations. General trends in style and fashion are reflected on the web, whether it be fashion or architecture. 

Color combinations, environmental trends, love of craft - all this comes from real life, but remains in the guise of websites. 


More and more Internet projects are designed not just to convey information to the visitor, but some interactive. Sometimes it's just a button with an online application, sometimes it's a complicated online service. Many web design trends are aimed at making interfaces more convenient, and not at overall visual appeal. 

Mobile first

The share of mobile devices in total Internet traffic does not stop growing. Gradually, the attention of designers and developers is shifting from desktop versions of sites to mobile: if earlier a mobile or adaptive version was done in addition to the main site, now it is increasingly the view on mobile devices that is determining. 

There are many detailed trends in web design, but they are united by one thing: high speed of change, short-term. However, this applies to the entire DIGITAL environment: just look at how quickly (within a couple of months!) The appearance and functionality of social networks is changing. 

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