Three types of people

Three types of people

Three types of people. Web Designer Knowledge Base
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Printed 2005-10-20

Psychologists have found that all people are divided into three conditional groups: visuals, audials and kinesthetes, depending on how they most perceive the information:
• Visuals are more convenient to watch; 
• Audiences prefer to listen; 
• Kinesthetes love to feel. 

Of course, this division is not strict and for each person these perception systems are mixed in some proportion. Nevertheless, for the most part, people prefer a particular system. 

There are a lot of tests to determine the perception system, but the following is important for us. When you make a unique website design , you need to understand that someone who comes to it will want to read, and someone will watch the pictures (it's more difficult with kinestets, about them a little later). It is impossible to predict in advance what the perception system of a particular visitor will be. Therefore, it is necessary to seek a compromise and take into account the interests of all - which means that the site is important both graphics and text. You can not be limited only to the visual part or only to the text. 

For example, if a person is a visual, then he will not read a large sheet of text at gunpoint. And even if you make him read (if the site is very important for him, and there are no other options) - he will be very uncomfortable from the fact that he does not see pictures in front of him. While reading, the visitor sees the picture in his head, but does not see the confirmation on the site - and is worried: what if something is wrong? ...

On the contrary, if the site has audio, it's more common for him to listen. At least to read - usually when reading people pronounce the text “to oneself”. Seeing the picture in front of him, he thinks - well, what about the picture, so what? ... Tell me something about this! 

Kinesthetes are those who will surely turn the phone in their hands before buying, feel the material coat. Often and with pleasure shake hands. In short, they better perceive information when communicating when they touch something. Recall that our site communicates with a visitor and vice versa! Hence a simple conclusion - they like to move the mouse, they like to scroll, they like to click. It is precisely on these people that you need to rely on when you make some switches, buttons, and so on. 

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