Are you adequate at all?

Are you adequate at all?

Are you adequate at all ?. Knowledge base for web designer
Michael CEO&Founder

Printed 2027-10-20

I venture to seem annoying, but again I remind you: the interaction between the visitor and the site is communication. So, it is important that it be adequate. 

Sometimes it happens that you communicate with a person, and he speaks to you in an incomprehensible language - either in the language of the seller Oriflame, or in the language of Jehovah's Witnesses. In short, it carries some kind of bullshit, and all this goes by. 

If we talk about sites, then this is expressed both in the graph and in the text - in everything. Well, you can't put a picture of blacks on our Russian site if it's not about blacks. No need to put on a Moscow site a photo of some overseas metropolis. Do not put smiling American businessmen when there are a bunch of photo stocks with Russian photos -, for example (no, they don't pay me, unfortunately). 

After all, the client must recognize himself. And the graphics that you will use in the website design can help to prevent this. 

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