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Printed 2026-10-20

It seems to be a stupid question, huh? 

But we'll figure it out. The first and main task of the graphic is to convey information to the visitor. Indeed, for some people, graphics are much more effective than text or something else - we already talked about this. Unfortunately, often we see some stupid, idiotic and meaningless photos with silly faces, it is not clear why they are inserted into the site design

Check what kind of information the visitor brings to the visitor the picture that you at this very moment copy-paste into the window with Photoshop! It probably just takes up space and distracts attention. 

Like the whole design in general, graphics have a second task - to convey the mood. It is also in a sense the transfer of information - only emotional information. Perhaps, in your project, the schedule will not be needed in order to directly communicate something to the site visitor. This is what our excavators look like, which we lease - here they are! ... Perhaps such a schedule is not needed for the project. For example, if we are talking about a club or some other institution, then the task of graphics is to create a mood for the visitor, which he can have, if he actually visits this institution, seduce him. 

In general, when a site is classified as b2c, creating a mood is very important. If the site sells teddy bears - create a mood in the visitor so that he immediately wants to take and buy this damn bear! In principle, all sorts of patterns, textures, image background photos just create a mood, often without bringing any factual information. 

There is another, not so sublime task: to dilute a boring text. If somewhere a healthy canvas of text appears that cannot be broken into pieces, graphics are simply necessary if you don't want to plunge the visitor into the abyss of despondency. 

Rule: use graphics only if then from the above is not enough! 

These are generally the tasks of the graphics. By the way, it will be useful to describe what visual elements are needed for specific purposes. 

Photos and illustrations: create an image, transmit information, dilute the text. 
Patterns: create a mood, diversify the layout. They do not carry the information load. 
Icons: carry basic information, serve as such “visual anchors”, grab the eye. They can create mood and image. 

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