TK for the creation of an online cosmetics store

TK for the creation of an online cosmetics store

Michael CEO&Founder

Printed 2011-04-20
1. The main page includes the following blocks: a. Cap with a callback order button b. Slider Design Template. Mark the bio label and certification c. Affiliate Network Logo Tape d. Social Block e. Link to Shopping Cart f. Partially - a directory with subcategories g. Block of popular goods h. Promotion block i. News feed / blog entries 2. The catalog page includes the following blocks: a. Search Box b. Filter or sort products by price c. A conclusion of goods of a category with a photo, a brief description, parameters, a purchase button and a price of 3. The product page includes the following blocks: a. Photo, product description, options, price and purchase button b. Recommended / Related Products Block c. Block Viewed Items d. Feedback block 4. “Shopping basket” includes the following blocks: a. List of products with quantity and price b. Registration (by phone number or login with password) c. Entering Delivery Data 5. General Design a. The color scheme is based on corporate colors (Pantone 377, 483, 186) b. The style of the site is developed using corporate identity c. The site logo is provided by the customer

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«Thank you for YouTube videos on the PPC advertising. We managed to start ads by ourselves and then became your client »
Denis Bushmakin (Project Manager Vesrabotatut.rf).
«I am grateful to all the employees of the Illumina Creative engaged in our project. Our corporate website development led to a high quality product that is now well above some competitors and the same level that others »
Vyacheslav Krasnozhen (Founder of Modernization of Aviation Complexes LLC). Web development for the worldwide known company that develops aircraft simulators, especially for Boeing & Airbus