TK for the creation of a credit site

TK for the creation of a credit site

TK to the site on loans
Michael CEO&Founder

Printed 2012-04-20
We make a website with a loan offer. The structure is actually copied from vivus ( The user has the opportunity to register on the site, in his personal account he sees his data that he entered during registration and the status of his application. By clicking the button on the calculator, the user is prompted to register and send a loan application. Design should be designed for people with down syndrome. From any position to any degree of degradation, a person should see a button and understand that it must be pressed. The structure of the upper main menu: Main menu Home Loans Questions and answers Agreement and conditions Contacts Description of menu items and submenus. Home - start page Loans (similar to Services on How to get a loan How to repay Why is Credilla better? Questions and answers What documents are needed? What do you need to get a loan? How much can I borrow? How fast will I receive the money? Can they refuse my loan? Can I repay the loan ahead of schedule? Contract - the text of the contract. Contacts Feedback - The form for sending a message and E-mail. About the service Main page - Logo, registration / authorization, top menu, calculator, basement with two ad units 1. Everything works very simply and 2. Advantages, and the bottom with links (duplicating the main menu) and descriptive text. As already mentioned, the base is like Only they have 3 ad units in the basement, we only need two. What to draw: 1. The main page with the calculator. The calculator must be made with such controls so that you can work on the tablet. We do without a flash to work on all tablets. The calculator displays the amount, loan term, annual percentage, monthly payment amount, final payment date, overpayment amount. The slider shows the number of months for which a loan is taken - from 1 to 60; Amount from 10 tr to 550 tr From 10 to 100 tr - step 10 tr From 100 to 550 tr - step 50 tr The amount and term can be specified either as a slider, or manually entered, or using the + and - buttons to change (you can also do +/- 12 for the term) 2. An internal page with a side mini-calculator on the example of the page of the section Loans - Why Credilla is better. An analogue of this page We have such advantages • Unique conditions! Very low interest, the ability to receive a large amount for a long period without a deposit and guarantors! • High percentage of approval of loan applications! • Possibility of early repayment - you pay only for the time when you used the loan! • Regular special offers from partner banks for customers • Minimum documents! We do not require you to copy a passport or even passport data, they will be required only upon signing the contract. The design of the registration form with icons for prompts next to the data entry fields and no less powerful than the Get loot button, the Continue button. There should be an indicator of progress (registration steps 1 - 2 - 3) so that the borrower sees that he is already close. Our stages: 1. Choose the amount. 2. Register 3. Receive money. The fields of the form are as follows: Gender - radio-button M or F Surname First name Patronymic Mobile phone - “+7” is already written in front of the form, the field for the code is three digits and the field for the number is 7 digits. The field for the phone number confirmation code with a one-time password and the button Get the verification code E-mail Date of birth City There should be a daw of consent to the terms of the website, a daw of consent to the personal data processing policy, a daw of consent to receive information and advertising materials in the form of post sendings, emails and sms messages.

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