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ALWAYS LEAVE the old site on the test service or on the subdomain Collect the new site on the test server Recommendations for the new site TECHNICAL RECOMMENDATIONS 1. Before posting a new site, you must make a list of pages for setting up a 301 page redirect! 2. Breadcrumbs The breadcrumbs navigation element is very important for the site - they must be present on all pages of the site except the main one. The rules for making breadcrumbs: - must begin with "main" - must be present on all pages except the Main one - must correctly disclose the nesting of pages in sections (belonging to sections) - the linking sections of the heading / subheading / page must clearly follow each other as increase nesting (disclosure of subsequent pages) / ... / ... / ... - must have clear, relevant, and possibly short names - must refer directly to sections, and not to duplicates like url.php, url.html, etc. - the last crumb should not refer to itself (it should be just text) 3. Rules for compiling URL (URL) - be sure to use a translator (for example - Transliteration according to GOST 7.79-2000 System B - use only letters of the Latin font - remove All punctuation and spaces (note when using the recommended translator - when highlighting the result there is a space at the end - it must be deleted) - to connect the words use the "-" sign rather than "_" - write url in lower case and not in CAPITAL - old to minimize phrases involved in the formation of URLs (take the essence of the page as a basis): for example, for “ Terraces and operated roofs ”do not = terrasy-i-ehkspluatiruemye-krovli, but = terrasy-krovli - try not to use the same word often For example: wrong: vneshnij-vodootvod / professionalnye-sistemy-vneshnij-vodootvod / tochechnyj-vneshnij -vodootvod is normal: vneshnij-vodootvod / professionalnye-sistemy / tochechnyj-vodootvod 4. Page t itle and meta tags title, description, keywords, h1 must be registered separately! This should be provided for in SMS! Each page should have its own unique ones - they should not be duplicated and repeated. Formula of registration: - If the headings and meta tags title, description, keywords, h1 are not spelled out in SMS - the page name should be duplicated in them. - If the headings and meta tags title, description, keywords, h1 are written in SMS - in the page code they should be in the form in which they are written (nothing should be added) Registration headers h1..h .. a) Headers h1 .. h .. should only be in the content part of the page (in the text): h1 - once, the main page title h2 - 1-3 times, headings of the main topics (subheadings - if the page is heading in the logical structure of any section, i.e. the theme then branches out into a larger number of topics and subtopics (pages)) h3 - headings included in the text about header h2 h4 - the headings included in the part of the text entitled h3 Summary: The headings should logically belong to each other: h1 contains h2, h2 contains h3, h3 contains h4 b) MAIN RULE !!!!! The headings h1..h .. should not participate in the design of the headings (names) of blocks (News, News, Promotions, Reviews ...), menus, menu items, various advertising links and banners, should not contain img images, etc. e. for the design of headings of template blocks and advertisements to stylize or with style = "". The headings h1..h .. should only be in the TEXT !!! 5. Rules for the menu - Items must be freely added and deleted to any menu on the site - Menu items must be independent: - it must be possible to assign any URLs, - there must be no rigid binding to pages, - the link text must be independent and easy to edit. 6. Block titles, addresses, inscriptions, advertising: - All block names, phone numbers, addresses, advertising offers should be written in text (not a picture) RECOMMENDATIONS FOR FILLING THE SITE Since there are a lot of trainings, I revised the initial decision on the menu structure. We will fill the sections on the example of the site - the main sections in which lists of trainings are presented. The training schedule table with a price looks pretty good - “Open-date crisis crisis seminars. Seminar dates are determined as the group is formed ”- they first gather a group of people and then set the number of events. I don't know how correct this is, but you can take it into service. Site pages * summarizing the topics of the article (left menu) Negotiations (effective negotiation) Conflict resolution Sales (how to increase sales) Leadership - how to become a leader Effective company leader Team building and team building How to make and conduct a presentation Public speaking without fear Control and management of emotions Communication how communication Personal growth and self-development * directly trainings Coaching (Skills coaching) Business coaching Sales coaching (how to increase sales) Effective coaching Leader of the company Negotiation coaching (effective negotiation) Coaching How to make and give a presentation Leadership coaching Coaching Public speaking without fear Team building and team coaching Conflict resolution coaching Life coaching Leadership coaching - how to become a leader Coaching Emotion control and management Coaching Communication as a communication Personal Coaching growth and self-development Coaching Change of work coaching career gro wth Coaching job interviews when applying for a job Business training ngi Negotiation training Training Negotiation training Training complex negotiations B2B negotiation Training Effective negotiations Training tough negotiations Training Negotiation manipulation (Negotiation, persuasion and impact in negotiations) Sales negotiation training Training How to negotiate training How to get out of negotiations negotiation Training negotiation Training Conflicts in negotiations Training Negotiation management Training Negotiations with customers Training Negotiations with suppliers (Negotiation in procurement) training Negotiations with employees Training Negotiations with managers Training Negotiations for managers Training Telephone negotiations Training Negotiations in a competitive environment Training work with objections Sales training (professional sales, sales skills) Training Sales B2B (bi tu bi) Training Active sales Training Effective sales (in retail) Training sales in crease Training sales techniques Sales training for managers Training for sellers (for sales managers) Training Sales in a competitive environment Training d. Influence, persuasion and impact on sales. Sales training on the sales floor. Sales presentation training. Sales of goods. Training Real estate sales. Training for realtors. Training Car sales. Training Sales of services. Training Sales of medical services. Training Sale of financial services. Training Sale of legal services. Training Sale banking services Telephone sales training (telephone sales) Cold calls training Incoming calls training Training for managers Leadership training about and management Training Decision-making Training on team building (Training for team building) Training for personnel management Training for personnel motivation Training for personnel assessment Training for stress management Training for effective meeting Training for mentoring Training for customer-oriented services Training for customer-oriented services Training for clients Clients (training clients)) Training of conflicting clients; Training of complaints of the client (work with claims); enta (work with objections) Training competitive advantage Training presentation (psychological Training presentation) Training oratory Training public speaking Training effective presentation Training presentation of products Training presentation of goods Training presentation of services Training for trainers and coaches (training for business trainers) Psychological trainings Trainings of personal growth Training of career growth Trainings of self-confidence Training Stress management (Training stress sustainability) Communication training Training business communication Training How to gently repay debts Public speaking training Training self-motivation Training of leadership Training of a leader and team Training of emotional leadership Training of situational leadership Training of personal effectiveness Emotional intelligence Training of emotional management (drive management) Consultations relations in psychology Relationship counseling creation of personal auto-training at wo rk * Services Corporate Training (Personnel Training ) Corporate trainings Corporate trainings on sales Personnel assessment Visiting seminars and trainings Open trainings On-line trainings and trainings (Webinars) Corporate webinars (on-line) Individual on-line trainings * Information About us Training schedule For trainers and conferences organizers Igor books and audio books Vagina Books on business psychology Books on negotiations Books on sales Books on staff training Books on leadership Books on presentations Books on public speaking Books on self-confidence Books on management emotion Books on communication Books for training business trainers Books on psychology Books on success Books on personal growth Books on personal effectiveness Books for personal life and family Books for financial management (how to get rich, how to make money) Books for auto-training Books for managing emotions Books on driving management Books on stress and fear management Blog News Reviews Our custom ers Payment Contacts * Forms of registration Order corporate training Sign up for open training Order individual training Note to get a consultation (probably applicable to Psychologist consultation) 1. We create two horizontal and vertical menus: Horizontal menu - a drop-down menu made up of the main sections of the site: About us Coaching Business training Psychological training Corporate training Training of trainers Psychological consultation Webinars Contacts Which in turn fall on: About us Reviews Clients Payment Coaching Business coaching Executive coaching Life coaching Business trainings Negotiation trainings Sales trainings Leadership trainings Training of customer orientation Presentation training Psychological training Personal training Training career growth Training confidence management Communication training Public speaking trainings Self-motivation training Personal leadership trainings Emotional intelligence Corporate training Personnel training Corporate training Per sonnel training Order training (staff) Corporate training corporate training Consultation of a psychologist phobia fears of depression conflicts family relations relations at work creation of personal auto-training Webinars Corporate webinars (on-line) Individual on-line trainings Training of trainers and coaches Contacts There are a lot of menu items and you need to see how they go to bed. There are several more options for such a menu: - place items in the header of the site: contacts, about us, payment, etc. example, - make two menus on top of each other - information and trainings, example - make the top plate - informational and lower - training. example - probably this is the best option. You can add the highlighted item "Sign up for training" (last) in the training menu - like here the "calculator" It will turn out two horizontal menu: First: About us Reviews Clients Webinars Payment Contacts Second: Coaching Business training Psychological training Corporate training Training of trainers Psychologist consultation In the first menu, you can also add the item "To organizers" (To organizers of trainings and conferences) It would be nice if the section menu is stick to the top of the screen, for example, FILLING THE LEFT BLOCK 1. LEFT VERTICAL OPENING OR DROP-OUT MENU These are topics (articles) in which problems will be described questions + there will be links to thematic trainings (training offer) Negotiations (effective negotiation) Conflict resolution Sales (how to increase sales) Leadership - how to become a leader Effective company leader Team building and team buildi ng How to make and conduct a presentation Public speaking b Without fear Control and management of emotions Communication as communication Personal growth and self-development 2. Block "News" Submit 2-3 topics news + link All news 3. Block Social networks RIGHT COLUMN of blocks Filling: Upcoming trainings Organizers of trainings and conferences (if not in horizontal menu) Visiting seminars and trainings Open trainings Books and audio books by Igor Vagin Blog Where, ---------------- ---- Organizers of trainings and conferences Visiting seminars and trainings Open trainings - issued links to pages -------------------- Training schedule - block of 3-4 dates with the name of the training + link to the Training schedule ------------- ------- Igor Vagin's books and audio books Blog - blocks in the form that is now on the site with a link to the main sections (such as "see all") MAIN PAGE I have not found a single page suitable as an example. I will list the contents of what should be and the approximate placement on the site. The main page should look like a business card of the company - all the main services and advantages should be collected on it: - create a block of basic services and trainings - block "reviews" - block "News" - block "Our Clients" - Text - block next trainings - you can add the block "popular trainings" - where to present the most top-level trainings - Post information on the possibility of webinars: corporate and individual Placement on the page: - without fail in the upper ( visible) part of the page should be: block of basic services and training c, the block of the next trainings - further in importance: the block "reviews", the block "Our Clients", webinars - further everything else The text can be evenly distributed between the blocks, for example: - closer to the block of basic services and trainings - about how you do professionally your business - closer to reviews and customers - the advantages of contacting you, TRAINING SECTION PAGE Page filling: Top text List of trainings Lower text block "Related books" Upper text - needed for introduction Lower text - for more information (for seo text) Training List Gov - I can't think of how to imagine it: - if, as it is now on the site with a photo and description, it's clear, but too loud and the visitor will have to turn the page for a long time to see everything - just a list - it will not look very good - it may make sense to come up with some dice (frames) with a well-marked name of the training and an indication of the nearest date of the meeting. Here are well presented and collected in directions, but in my opinion the text is written too small and too much - it's hard to perceive Block "Books on subjects" - present 2-4 books on the topics of the section TRAINING All trainings should be placed in one folder, for example / trening / ..... - this will significantly reduce the level of nesting of trainings. It turns out that all the thematic sections will be nested into each other, and the trainings will be in a separate section PAGE OF THE TRAINING "Training ..." Filling 1. Text on the training, on its purpose, on the results of its passage (what a person will learn) 2. Training program 3. Cost date fill out an application 4. Similar trainings - trainings from this topic or trainings that help to study this Here are the good pages of the training: http: // http: // If you use type http: // ww / verticalnye / you can share information and get a compact page with a description and order form. For example, such a page structure: Title Block Cost date of execution fill out an application (in the line) Tabs with a description of the block "We recommend" or "Similar trainings" It was also said that books can be donated - you can use this for advertising purposes, for example, "Book as a gift enrolled in the training" or something like this - make a block on the RECORD FORMS page Try to require as little mandatory data as possible in the fields - all that you can find out later - better to find out later BLOG You need to structure your blog and break it about topics - now it's not possible to find the right article. It would not be bad to create your own menu for the blog consisting of the main topics of the blog - just do not need to create a lot of topics.

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