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TERMS OF REFERENCE FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF AN INFORMATION RESOURCE 1. GENERAL PROVISIONS 1.1. The subject of development The subject of development is the development of an online store for the company "auto-tapki" 1.2. Project goals The project goals can be represented by the following list: • Website design development. • Development of an online store for sales. • Installation and configuration of the content management system "proEngines". • Writing a module for selecting tires / wheels according to parameters and vehicle. • Writing and finalizing the pinser of the shop 1.3. Project concept • The project is developed on the basis of an agreement and terms of reference drawn up jointly with the client. 1.4. The structure of the Internet resource and navigation The main page includes the following blocks: 1.4.1 A hat with company elements and illustrations of the company products. 1.4.2. (Auto.Topki) 1.4.3. Phone 1.4.4. Cart of goods 1.4.5. Login module 1.4.6. Block search for tires / wheels by parameters and vehicle 1.4.7. Menu block 1.4.8. Social block Networks 1.4.9. Popular products 1.4.10. Block of shares The catalog page includes the following blocks: 1.4.11 Website header 1.4.12 Catalog of tires distributed by manufacturers 1.4.13 Sorting block of goods by size 1.4.14 Displaying category goods with a photo, brief description, parameters, buy button and price Page The product includes the following blocks: 1.4.15 Photo, description of the product, textacteristics, availability (available / on order), price and buy buttons 1.4.16 Recommended / related products and accessories block 1.4.17 Block share in social. networks. “Shopping basket” includes the following blocks: 1.4.18 List of goods with quantity (option to change) and price 1.4.19 Phone number 1.4.20 Delivery data entry block. The choice of delivery method (pickup, delivery in Moscow, through the shopping center to the regions, with the calculation of the cost of delivery.) General design provisions 1.4.21 Light colors 1.4.22 Use of thematic illustrations and accessories in the design . 1.5 Language support The Internet resource is performed in Russian. The administrative interface is implemented in Russian. 1.6 Authentication and authorization For visitors to the Internet resource, all information that is published by the administrator for general viewing is available. For authorization and ordering goods, partner companies provide authentication (login to the system under their phone number / password) of users. When registering a new user, the system administrator makes the following fields: • Login * • Name / Company name * • Contact phone number * • Note • Email * • Password Fields marked with * are required. After passing the registration procedure by the client, the system operator receives an e-mail notification that a new user has appeared. To enter the system, the user must use a bunch of username / password. To work with the administrative interface, the site administrator needs to authenticate using the login and password that are issued to him by the DEVELOPER. Authorization of the administrator for working with the administrative web interface is carried out by standard means of the web server used. There should be a category for all registered users to which its price is tied (discount coefficient that affects all products on the site). 1.7 Online store A module of the online store of the proEngines system will be connected to the site. 1.7.1 Product card structure Each individual product has the following parameters: • ID • Article • Name • Category • Subcategory • Price • Manufacturer • Wholesale price • Description • Image 1 • Availability As well as some of the following parameters • Width • Profile • Diameter • Season • Speed __index • Load index • Disc diameter • Disc width • Number of bolts • Bolt spacing • Central hole • Departure • Capacity • Polarity • Production country • Length • Width • Height • Volume • Oil base • Viscous st • Quantity 1.7.2 The process of entering goods The goods are entered on the site by means of the download of a specially prepared MS Excel file (.csv). The goods are entered in the general list. Images are uploaded via the ftp interface linked to the admin panel of the site. 1.7.3 Uploading to the Yandex market 1.7.3 Robot / price parser Based on the price parser sent by the customer from the site, a system for automatically updating prices and availability on the site will be developed. The system will also work with Yandex.Market according to the following scheme: 1) After starting the application from the address bar by request: from under the administrative login, the system starts updating prices and availability from the site for each item from the bus section and from the disk section. 2) If the price of the goods is more than 5000 rubles, then the algorithm starts to work, if less, then the price is set 5% below the sparsial one. After updating the price, the robot contacts Yandex.Market for the specified article number, checking for its presence in Yandex, and when this product is found, it is checked according to the following scenario: 1st place - pick up the price, reduce by 10 rubles if the price is more than the {textged in paragraph 1 minus 10%} for the site's work rate (400 rubles by default), then set this price. If not, then repeat point 2 at the next price, and so on up to 5th place in the Yandex.Market top. 3) If the price is 5th place does not meet the conditions of clause 2, reduce it by 5% and set it as the current one. 4) The availability is set to Available if the quantity on the website of the service tires is> = 1 pc. For the functionality of the robot, you will need to purchase proxy servers, the maintenance of which is paid in the future by the customer (the amount will depend on the number of goods being calculated.). 1.8 Organization of information The standard functions of the Information Resource Content Management System allow you to fully edit the text and graphic contents of the information block. As for the navigation unit and corporate identification, it is possible to edit only its individual elements: editing the contents of navigation menus, editing contact information. Other customer requirements are implemented using specially created means of the publication system, a list of which is determined at the design stage and is formulated in this terms of reference. This is due to the fact that this unit provides the site's availability and forms the basis of its design. Therefore, the intervention of a user who does not have special knowledge in the field of Internet programming in editing this unit is unacceptable. 1.9 Site map 1. Home 2. Tires 2.1 Tires Bridgestone 2.2 Tires Pirelli 2.3 Tires Kumho 2.4 Tires Nokian 2.5 Tires Toyo 2.6 Tires BFGoodrich 2.7 Tires Dunlop 2.8 Tires Michelin 2.9 Tires Continental 2.10 Tires Tigar 2.11 Tires Gislaved 2.12 Tires Maxxis 2.13 Tires Cordiant 2.14 Nexen 2.15 Tires Yokohama 2.16 Tires Goodyear 2.17 Tires Sava 2.18 Tires Amtel 2.19 Tires Tunga 2.20 Tires Kirov sh-z 3. Disks (must be a brand of disk manufacturers) 3.1 Acura 3.2 Alfa Romeo 3.3 Aston Martin 3.4 Audi 3.5 BMW 3.6 Bentley 3.7 Cadillac 3.8 Chery 3.9 Chevrolet 3.10 Chrysler 3.11 Citroen 3.12 Daewoo 3.13 Daihatsu 3.14 Datsun 3.15 Dodge 3.16 FAW 3.17 Ferrari 3.18 Fiat 3.19 Ford 3.20 Geely 3.21 GreatWall 3.22 Haima 3.23 Honda 3.22 Khodro 3.28 Isuzu 3.29 Iveco 3. 30 Jaguar 3.31 Jeep 3.32 Kia 3.33 Lamborghini 3.34 Land Rover 3.35 Lexus 3.36 Lifan 3.37 Lincoln 3.38 Lotus 3.39 MaRussia 3.40 Maserati 3.41 Maybach 3.42 Mazda 3.43 McLaren 3.4 4 Mercedes 3.45 Mini 3.46 Mitsubishi 3.47 Nissan 3.48 Opel 3.49 Peugeot 3.50 Pont 3.50 Pont 3.50 Royce 3.54 Rover 3.55 Saab 3.56 Seat 3.57 Skoda 3.58 Smart 3.59 SsangYong 3.60 Subaru 3.61 Suzuki 3.62 Tesla 3.63 Toyota 3.64 Volkswagen 3.65 Volvo 3.66 Vortex 3.67 GAZ UAZ 3.68 3.70 Lada 3.71 ZAZ 4. Tire service 5. Batteries 6. Wiper blades 7. Bolts / Secrets 8. Automobile oils 9. Delivery 10. Contacts 1.10 Information pages This module allows you to place pages containing text, graphic and video information in the structure of the information resource Mac, plug-ins. 2. DESIGN 2.1. External presentation The site design has been designed according to the brief. First, the main page of the site is drawn and approved, after all the others. 2.2. Administrator interface The pages of the administrator interface will be made with minimal use of decorative graphic elements and will provide a visual representation of the available information and a quick transition to the main sections and functions of the system. 3. SOFTWARE AND HARDWARE The requirements for the hardware and software are as follows: • The Internet site is a distributed client-server application. • The server part of the software, in turn, is divided into a database server (relational database management system MySQL RDBMS) and application server (a set of scripts, modules and PHP classes, Apache web server). The server part provides the functioning of the Internet site according to the terms of reference. • Client application - web browser. A web browser (Internet Explorer, Opera, etc.) is used to view the Internet site by visitors, as well as to manage information on the site by the administrator. • The full functionality of the site administrator interface is guaranteed only in Internet Explorer browsers starting with version 7.0 and higher. The CUSTOMER's responsible employee has the ability to manage information on the site using a web browser using a personal password. 4. LINGUISTIC SUPPORT The implementation of templates is based on the specifications of the HTML 4.0 markup language. As a result, the correct operation of the section is guaranteed in the browsers Internet Explorer (starting from version 9), Opera (starting from version 9), Mozilla FireFox (starting from version 3). The website should correctly display on users' devices with installed operating systems IOS, Android and Windows versions not lower than WindowsXP. 5. RELIABILITY REQUIREMENTS 5.2.1. Security requirements The system must ensure the correct separation of user access rights. The system software should ensure that there are no known application-level software vulnerabilities to attacks of failure and unauthorized access. 5.2.2. Performance requirements The necessary software for the site to work must be installed on a hardware platform whose performance is sufficient to effectively serve visitors to the created resource. 5.2.3. Sustainability requirements The site should be maintained around the clock with acceptable breaks for prevention and troubleshooting no more than 5 hours per month. With a correct restart of the hardware and operating system, the functioning of the site should be restored in full automatically, without operator intervention. 6. TESTING AND QUALITY CONTROL It is envisaged to test the operational reliability of the site in the amount of normal operation (100-300 visitors per day). Testing will be carried out in the following hardware configuration: • MySQL database server; • Apache web server; The first level of testing is carried out by the development team. The second level of testing is carried out by the CUSTOMER's specialists during the test operation. For testing purposes, the customer can attract customers from Russia and foreign countries, set various, including peak, loads on the website, and form specific orders. Errors and shortcomings identified at this stage are eliminated by the Contractor at his own expense within the time period established by the Agreement. 7. DOCUMENTATION As part of the work on the project stage described in this TOR, the following documentation should be created: - Guide for the site administrator (instructions for working with the site); 8. TECHNICAL SUPPORT Technical support of the Internet resource is carried out under a separate contract for technical support. The information and technical support service will help the Administrator of the Internet resource from the CUSTOMER to cope with any difficulties encountered during the operation of the Internet resource and the Content Management System of the site (Publication System).

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