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Printed 2024-04-20
Terms of Reference for the development of a design layout General information about the site Field of activity: online store of textile products. Target audience of the website: Individuals, RF Operational purpose: Sale of goods via the Internet; Attraction of new clients; Create a memorable website design style. Functional purpose: Receive the necessary information about the company activities on the site; Search for any information on the site; Receive information about the products of the company presented in the catalog; Register on the site; Make an order for the goods presented in the catalog; Contact the site administration. Site Structure The structure of the site is presented below. Home - Page “Product Categories” - Page with a detailed description of the product - Page “About the company” - Page “Payment and delivery” - Page “Help” - Page “Contacts” - Page “News” - Page “Useful information ”- Page“ Sale ”- Page“ Exchange and return ”- Page“ Feedback ”- Page“ Customer reviews ”- Page“ Affiliate program ”- Basket of orders - Page“ My account ”- Page“ Personal data ”- Page“ My orders ”- Page Registration / Authorization - Password Reminder Page - root page checkout - generated ordering page - the search results page is therefore necessary to form a design on the 4 types of pages: - Home - page section - page trade items - page with text content. Elements of the general site template The general template includes: the site header, the main menu, the navigation bar (“bread crumbs”), the side menu, and the site footer. Common page elements: 1. Site header - Logo. Presented as a picture, contains a link to the main page / index. - Contact Information. It contains information: skype, phone, working hours. - Search. A block that contains a single-line field for entering the search string, the default value is “Search by name”; when placing the cursor in the field, the default value is deleted. - Order basket block A block that contains: - If there are 0 products in the basket, display the entry: "The basket is empty." - If goods are added to the basket, display the entry: “There are N goods in the basket for the amount of NN rubles.” It is a link to the order basket page. - The block "Login to the site" In unauthorized mode contains the link "Login to your account" - go to the registration / authorization page. In authorized mode, contains the link “My Account” - go to the page “My Orders” and the link “Logout”. 2. The main menu. One-level menu. The active item is highlighted in style. The menu contains the following items: - Home - About the store - Payment and delivery - Help - Contacts 3. Navigation bar. It is displayed on all pages except the Main page. 4. Side menu. Two-level menu. Level 1 - category of product group. Level 2 - fabric / filler. When you select one of the menu items, a drop-down list of level 2 appears. When you change the category, the textacteristics of level 2 also change. 5. The footer of the site. One-level menu. It contains the following items: Bottom menu. Section "About Us": - "News" - go to the page of the same name. - “Useful information” - go to the page of the same name. - “Sale” - go to the page of the same name. - “Exchange and return” - go to the page of the same name. - “Feedback” - go to the contacts page. - “Payment and delivery” - go to the page of the same name. - “Customer Reviews” - go to the page of the same name. - “Affiliate program” - go to the page of the same name. Copyrights of the customer. Text about copyright and company logo. Design layout requirements. Color gamut and saturation: only soft pastel colors, use bright colors only as accents. As a background color, it is recommended to use white or light shades. Layout and size: rigid centered layout, size of 1024 px horizontally, 768 px and more vertically. With this permission, there should be no horizontal scroll. Visual placement of elements: according to the structure of the site and the attached page prototypes. Font size and type: for text descriptions, the font must be arial 12px. Size and font of headings at the discretion of the designer. Competitors sites: Interesting sites, in our opinion, on the net: - the main view - the main gamma and appearance - http : // - simplicity - general view and simplicity Additionally: the structure and design of the main and internal pages are the same. The design layout of the site should be made in a user-friendly, easy-to-read style. Light gradients and rounded elements are encouraged.

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Alexander Zayarny (Deputy Director, Russkiy Dom Co., Ltd). We had to create real estate website and then to transfer the complete catalogue
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