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Printed 2008-05-20
What determines the quality of meat? Crib connoisseur. 1. Grain production: a) corn b) soybean c) wheat d) barley e) triticale - is an explanation necessary? - a hybrid of rye and wheat. 2. Own feed production * 3 feed mills- * 100% own feed * control of ingredients 7-8 types of feed - indicate which? How much feed is produced per year? 3. Pig farms number of farms? livestock? Each farm consists of: a) a reproducer - • artificial insemination of sows • pregnancy • birth of piglets • growing pigs for X weeks up to 8 (?) Kg b) rearing and fattening - 2 production cycles - • rearing from 8 kg to 28 (?) Kg for X weeks - what kind of food? • fattening from 28 kg to 128 (?) Kg in X weeks - what kind of food? c) the nucleus farm and cartilage (?) - the production of sows for the reproducer and boars / seed? Each sow is a three-breed hybrid: Large white (25%) + Landras (25%) + Duroc (50%) At a weight of 128 (?) Kg, a commercial pig is transported to a slaughterhouse in Korocha (Belgorod Region 4. Gas slaughter - a unique for Russia humane way of slaughtering using a gas mixture of CO2 with air (the animal falls asleep) 5. Bloodlessness 6. Dehairing / singeing 7. Nutration - extraction of internal organs using unique robotic equipment is the speed and accuracy of operations. and the operations that they are in 8. A shock tunnel, where half-carcasses are rapidly cooled to X temperature, after which the temperature decreases / levels in the chamber to Y temperature - this process takes 24 hours. Explain the advantages of such cooling - meat quality, safety, microbiology. Cooling speed? 9. Workshop cuts - half carcasses are quartered into primary parts: a) front quarter b) back quarter c) brisket d) loin 10. Four boning conveyors, respectively (boning workshop) - production of industrial produ cts - explain which products I am? boning speed? 11. Packaging workshop. Explain what technologies, robots are used, the relation “types of packaging - advantages”, assortment? 12. Transportation By-products - a) blood - dry plasma and hemoglobin b) melting of edible fat c) meat and bone meal d) technical fat e) blood meal - for the production of feed (pet food) e) production of sausage casings g) boning of heads more? RESULT: Pig processing (deboning) - almost 100% San. control at all stages High product quality The volume of daily / annual pork production - million tons? What other significant factors need to be reflected?

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