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Printed 2008-05-20
What determines the quality of meat? Crib connoisseur. 1. Grain production: a) corn b) soybean c) wheat d) barley e) triticale - is an explanation necessary? - a hybrid of rye and wheat. 2. Own feed production * 3 feed mills- * 100% own feed * control of ingredients 7-8 types of feed - indicate which? How much feed is produced per year? 3. Pig farms number of farms? livestock? Each farm consists of: a) a reproducer - • artificial insemination of sows • pregnancy • birth of piglets • growing pigs for X weeks up to 8 (?) Kg b) rearing and fattening - 2 production cycles - • rearing from 8 kg to 28 (?) Kg for X weeks - what kind of food? • fattening from 28 kg to 128 (?) Kg in X weeks - what kind of food? c) the nucleus farm and cartilage (?) - the production of sows for the reproducer and boars / seed? Each sow is a three-breed hybrid: Large white (25%) + Landras (25%) + Duroc (50%) At a weight of 128 (?) Kg, a commercial pig is transported to a slaughterhouse in Korocha (Belgorod Region 4. Gas slaughter - a unique for Russia humane way of slaughtering using a gas mixture of CO2 with air (the animal falls asleep) 5. Bloodlessness 6. Dehairing / singeing 7. Nutration - extraction of internal organs using unique robotic equipment is the speed and accuracy of operations. and the operations that they are in 8. A shock tunnel, where half-carcasses are rapidly cooled to X temperature, after which the temperature decreases / levels in the chamber to Y temperature - this process takes 24 hours. Explain the advantages of such cooling - meat quality, safety, microbiology. Cooling speed? 9. Workshop cuts - half carcasses are quartered into primary parts: a) front quarter b) back quarter c) brisket d) loin 10. Four boning conveyors, respectively (boning workshop) - production of industrial produ cts - explain which products I am? boning speed? 11. Packaging workshop. Explain what technologies, robots are used, the relation “types of packaging - advantages”, assortment? 12. Transportation By-products - a) blood - dry plasma and hemoglobin b) melting of edible fat c) meat and bone meal d) technical fat e) blood meal - for the production of feed (pet food) e) production of sausage casings g) boning of heads more? RESULT: Pig processing (deboning) - almost 100% San. control at all stages High product quality The volume of daily / annual pork production - million tons? What other significant factors need to be reflected?

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«The picture came to life. Hills like, throw us away from city competitions. A good cut of land. In the center, the flower bed must still be removed and a fountain set up. Also add urban paraphernalia: lanterns with taut flags, benches - what they talked about yesterday »
Elena Proidisvet (Project Manager "1000 days before the 2014 Olympics").
«When I look at the profile of the instagrams you created, everything turns out very high quality, and the information magazine is not stuck with itself and we print our work. Posts are getting more sophisticated and more refined, thanks! »
Ruslana Ilyinskaya (General Director of Ilyinskaya Architectural Studio LLC).