Yandex.Direct demographic adjustments

Yandex.Direct demographic adjustments

Yandex collects a huge amount of user data every second. How to use them in contextual advertising?
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Printed 2006-10-20

Yandex collects a huge amount of data about Yandex. Search users, mail and other services every second. In particular, this is demographic data: age and gender. How to use them in contextual advertising? 

Using demographics


You can adjust your demographic bids in the campaign settings or in the settings for a particular ad group

  • 1. You can cut off the audience of the wrong age (for example, up to 18 years old)
  • 2. You can cut off the audience of the wrong sex. 
  • 3. You can raise bids for a certain gender and age based on the likelihood of a purchase. 

Yandex does not always accurately determine demographic data, so these adjustments should be used with caution in search campaigns with low- and medium-frequency keywords. But for YAN, this is what the doctor ordered: with the help of adjustments, you can clarify the audience whom you display ads on thematic sites. YAN usually has no shortage of coverage, so the risk of missing impressions due to Yandex's inaccurate determination of gender and age is not so critical. 


Example of using corrections in YAN: impressions for an audience under the age of 18 are forbidden, people aged 18-24 will show ads by reduced rates, and for ages over 35 years the bid (and coverage) is greater

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