Additional phrases in Yandex Direct

Additional phrases in Yandex Direct

Additional relevant phrases - one of the Yandex.Direct settings, which often leads to a huge budget drain
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Printed 2012-09-20

Additional relevant phrases is one of the Yandex.Direct settings, which often leads to a huge budget drain. How to work with this setting and is it needed at all? 

The principle of operation add. phrases

  • 1. Yandex analyzes the statistics of your search campaign
  • 2. If the statistics are sufficient, Yandex compares it with its Big Data
  • 3. Yandex algorithms find other key phrases that, according to its data, will be relevant in your advertising campaign
  • 4. New (additional) key phrases are added to the advertising campaign. 


The display of additional phrases will be displayed in the" Parameters "section for each advertising campaign

The danger here is that the Yandex algorithm Doesn't know many details inherent in your business. For example, you have a highly hyped competitor whose name has many requests. Yandex recognizes such requests as additional relevant phrases, but you don't need them at all. 


In case the semantics in your topic are narrow and difficult to collect, you can allow impressions by add. phrases. With a lot of traffic, conversion optimization will be useful: those phrases will be used, clicks on which lead to the implementation of targeted actions on the site

How to work with add. phrases

The best option is to initially prepare the semantics so that all the useful keywords you have already been taken into account. When everything possible has already been done, and you want more traffic (and there is a budget for experiments in advertising), you can allow impressions for additional phrases to find new effective keywords, and then add them to the semantic core. 


Work with additional phrases requires enhanced control. Follow the costs and effectiveness of additional phrases in the Report Wizard


After collecting enough statistics, analyze conversions for additional phrases in Yandex Metric and select effective ones, and then add them to the advertising campaign

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