Extended headers in Yandex Direct

Extended headers in Yandex Direct

For search campaigns, the most important metric is CTR. How to increase it?
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Printed 2013-11-20

For search campaigns, the most important metric is CTR. If the ad is relevant to the request and attractive to the user, then with the same bids and with the same number of impressions, traffic will turn out to be more. How to increase clickthrough rate? 

Using advanced headers

One of the simple but effective ways is to use extended headers. In Yandex, an ad is split into a headline and body text. The title is short, but in search it is highlighted in large print and a link. It would be great to make it more authentic, wouldn't it? To do this, make the first sentence of the main text of the ad short enough, separating it with a suitable punctuation mark (best of all with an exclamation mark). Then Yandex, when the ad is displayed on the search, will transfer it to the title. 


An example of an expanded heading: part of the text of a search ad is transferred to the heading, making it longer, more informative and increasing the CTR. 

If for some reason you do not need this function (for example, there is a large old campaign in which texts are written inappropriately), you can disable it:


The function of substituting text into the heading is disabled in campaign settings. In this case, the domain of the advertised site is added to the header

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