The impact of usability on site SEO

The impact of usability on site SEO

Every couple of days, search engines update their algorithms, and marketers come up with new recommendations .. Is there at least something eternal in SEO?
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Printed 2001-06-20

Every couple of days, search engines update their algorithms, and marketers come up with new SEO recommendations. As technology continues to evolve, the SEO strategy must adapt faster. Instead of adapting to new variations of Yandex and Google robots each time, you need to start developing your SEO strategies based on website design and usability. 

This work begins by identifying which SEO principles are ongoing. These “pillars” of search engine promotion are:

  • Indexing: How easy is it for the search engine to find your content? 
  • Website structure. How does a search engine prioritize pages on a site? 
  • Keywords: what is your content about? 
  • Incoming links. How does the search engine understand that your content provides reliable information? 

No matter how many times Google and Yandex rewrite their algorithm, no matter how many people view sites exclusively on mobile devices, no matter how many new voice assistants like Siri, Alice and "Ok Google" begin to penetrate everyday life, these principles will remain unchanged. And now that we have the foundation for a stable SEO strategy, let's move on to the latest trends that may affect it. 

Mobile algorithms

Mobile traffic has been growing steadily for many years. Only in 2018, mobile browsers accounted for fifty-two percent of all Internet traffic. 

alt < p class = "mobile-hide"> Growth in the percentage of visits to sites from mobile phones from 2009 to 2018 (Source: Statista)

In March 2018, Google officially announced that quality display on mobile phones is now considered as one of the factors ranking the site. The weight of each site began to take into account the weight of the mobile version of the site. 

If your site is not optimized for mobile devices, you are definitely losing traffic and money. You not only miss sales and users, but now users may not even find your site if the adaptation for mobile devices is not up to standard. 

Updated Google algorithm

The updated algorithm leads to the fact that if your site does not have a single user interface on all screen sizes and devices, Google will lower you in the ranking, and users may experience problems finding your site. 

Similar to the story with other "mysterious" algorithms of Yandex and Google, an exact calculation of the impact of website responsiveness as an SEO factor is not disclosed. Nevertheless, Google offer their adaptation guide for mobile phones, a tool for checking the website loading speed and automatic testing of the mobile version. 

Pass these tests and correct the errors, and your site will begin to grow in the Google index. 

Voice Search

The implementation of voice user interfaces (VUIs) is on the rise and penetrates the public consciousness for many years, especially after the launch of Siri in 2011. 

According to Google, 72% of people who have a smartphone or other device with this feature say that it is part of their daily lives. Google also said that 52% of people have such voice devices in their living room so that they are in the center of their home and everyone can use it. 

alt < p class = "mobile-hide"> Amazon Alexa (Image source: Rahul Chakraborty on Unsplash)

Voice interfaces are widely used to search for answers to a variety of questions, starting from “What is the weather like today Moscow? " To" What time is it about Vladivostok? " In recent years, this new technology has had a significant impact on search behavior because people like the convenience of voice search. 

The impact of VUI on SEO strategy < / h2>

With the growth of voice search during turnkey website development we must take into account the new these new VUI technologies, and digital marketers must optimize the promotion strategy so that it is effective on various platforms such as Yandex, Google, Siri and Alice. 

VUI devices will be convenient for searching only if the same Alice or Siri can really find the necessary information. People using voice search are looking for a direct answer. This means that you need to constantly update all the information about your company, as well as that your content must be accurate and directly answer "conversational" questions. The content should also match the long keywords of voice search queries so that search eng ines can quickly index it, find and show the most accurate but simple answer. 

One of the easiest ways to integrate this into your website is to create a FAQ section on the website or in the application. This way you can organically add “direct answers” __to your content. 

In addition, for example, Siri and Alexa do not use Google, but instead use Bing as a search engine, and since they have different algorithms, your SEO strategy should take into account the features of both Bing and Google 

There is no secret formula to take a worthy place in the search ranking of Google or Yandex - only general strategies and the best tricks in a specific period of time that you can apply to try to increase your place in the index and, hope to appear in the TOP-3. 

Constantly changing trends often turn out to be another headache for small business owners and marketers, another puzzle in the task of SEO promotion. However, it is also an opportunity to earn. The new rules mean a smoother playing field, and companies that can adapt to these changes more quickly will immediately gain an edge over their competitors. 

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