What can I rent with Tik Tok?

What can I rent with Tik Tok?

Some ideas on what to take for Ticktock
Michael CEO&Founder

Printed 2018-07-20

Although the format of Tick Tok seems similar to the "story" on Instagram or Vkontakte, others there "enter" the video. What can be removed in Tick Tok so that it "entered"? 

Before / After

One of the ways to attract attention and make the video interesting is to divide it into 2 parts, the first will be “Before” and the second “After” . It could be about clothes, about makeup, about a haircut, about food .. or better, about any funny situation! 

Effects and masks < / h2>

If the plot itself (content) for the video is there, then using visual effects you can make it more beautiful and unusual, and the mask will make you look a little funny. Well, great :)

Slowdown and acceleration

"Games" over time are popular in Tick Tok. If you successfully apply this effect, it can turn out very cool and fun. 


A very popular thing. In this case, there will be two videos on the screen at once: yours and a partner. A partner can be your friend, or can be a popular blogger: you can add any video to the duo without asking anyone. For example, it could be a cat Binbo @ 30416729177

Now it's already clear that it's not only a song or dance that can be filmed in Tick Tok. Anything that looks fun and goes well with music can become popular. 

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