New instagram ad format

New instagram ad format

A new format for the interaction of brands and influencers in Insta
Michael CEO&Founder

Printed 2003-08-20

Instagram has announced that it's working on a new ad format that will allow brands and influencers to collaborate more transparently. 

According to AdAge, Instagram is working on a new type of advertising called “Branded Content Ads,” which will allow brands to sponsor publications created by celebrities and bloggers, and then promote them, as well as their other advertising publications. 

“Until now, brands could hire bloggers and opinion leaders on Instagram to work on advertising campaigns and promote products with branded content, but posts were only visible to blogger subscribers. Branded content ads allow advertisers to advertise these Instagram posts just like any other ads. ”

Of course, brands can always use influencer posts as ads through their own profiles, but this new proposal simplifies and formalizes this approach and allows companies to maximize the effect of their influence marketing efforts. 

The proposal will essentially be an extension of the existing Instagram content labeling system - now, along with the Paid Partnership tags (as shown below), brands will also receive new tags for branded content. 

< span> One of the main principles of successful SMM promotion in social networks is to quickly abandon past principles and immediately use the new advertising formats

In addition to this, Instagram also outlined future “Creator profiles” (see the example below), at the same time some usage statistics became known, for example, that 69% of users say that they open Instagram to follow celebrities, and over 80% of users Oil is subscribed to various business profiles. 

The latest statistics are not new, Instagram said the same thing last year, but this trend seems to have remained stable and new users have joined it. This gives good prospects for advertising on Instagram. 

Instagram also noted that they will continue to step up efforts to eliminate inappropriate activity, including acquired subscribers and likes, in order to clean their platform and improve the integrity of its metrics - another key consideration for marketing influence. Just last week, the parent company Instagram - Facebook - confirmed that it was initiating lawsuits against a group of well-known "likes" from China, which could be an important step towards the widespread use of such practices. 

In view of the fact that influence marketing is becoming a key part of the Instagram eco-sphere, it makes sense for the social network to intensify its efforts in this direction. It will be interesting to see how the platform will work with opinion leaders to develop such partnerships. 

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