SMM for 5000 rubles

SMM for 5000 rubles

Promotion on social networks for 5000 rubles. Is it possible to get a result for this money?
Michael CEO&Founder

Printed 2024-07-20

In the SMM market services, there are many companies and private specialists from whom you can order promotion on social networks for less than 5,000 rubles. Is it possible to get a result for this money? 

On the one hand, yes: a separate service (for example, auditing or setting up a targeting campaign) may well cost this money and can be performed relatively qualitatively. 

On the other hand, sometimes the client is promised a full range of services for this money, from attracting subscribers to posting and targeted advertising. Rarely in one person combine the qualities and skills necessary for the entire spectrum of work; at the same time, with a budget of 5,000 rubles per month, it's simply unprofitable for the agency to support the staff. 

What will be the result? 

  • Or only one service for promotion from the whole range of necessary; 
  • Either most of the work will be performed by non-professionals; 
  • Either a private person competent in only one particular area of __SMM marketing will be engaged in promotion. 

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