SMM for business
Regardless of the budget, SMM is important for both small businesses and large companies
Michael CEO&Founder

Printed 2015-04-20

Regardless of the budget allocated for promotion in social networks, this advertising channel is important for both small business and large companies. 

SMM tasks for large businesses

  • Retail Sales
  • Image effect and recognition
  • B2B sales

For example, large companies such as Beeline or MTS spend huge budgets on social networks; at the same time, sales are not always the result: the image and reminder of oneself can be more important. At the same time, large online stores (for example, MVideo) also invest a lot of money in SMM, but the goal - sales - in this case is achieved in a more direct way. 

SMM tasks for small businesses

  • Retail sales
  • Gathering and building a customer base
  • B2B sales

The image for a small organization is not so important; in this case, direct sales are more important, as well as the constant accumulation of the subscriber base and its gradual warming up. 

We should also mention the BtoB segment. Here, lead generation often occurs at the level of the company top officials, and social networks (especially Facebook and LinkedIn) will be an excellent help in this matter. 

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