Tik Tok - what kind of application is this?

Tik Tok - what kind of application is this?

What is Ticktock and why do we need another social network
Michael CEO&Founder

Printed 2019-07-20

This application appeared in China (there it is called “Douyin”) and from 2016 to 2018 it was promoted so that it fell to 4th place in the number of downloads, ahead of Instagram. The merger with another popular Chinese application “Musical.ly” helped the promotion. 


In Tick Current, upload short (15 seconds) or minute videos in vertical format. Unlike Instagram stories, it's not “scenes from life" that are popular here, but music videos. 

Cool dance to music or "singing" to an overlaid track - these are the main content of Tick Tok. 


This is a youth (rather even a children's) social network. At the same time, many celebrities have already acquired their accounts there. Globally, at the beginning of 2019, users from China and the United States dominated in Tick Tok, and the Russian segment is expanding rapidly. 


The application allows you to process video, impose various filters, and most importantly - add soundtracks from the shared repository. Starting from a certain moment, the ability to add your own music is excluded in Tik Tok (this can be done only in "roundabout ways"). 

Otherwise, the application's functionality is similar to other social networks: you can subscribe to each other, comment on the video and like. The user's profile of Tick Tok shows the total number of likes received by the user for all time. 

The slogan of the application is "every second counts!". There is no need to write or say: you need only one idea for a short video, successful editing and good music. Unlike Instagram and even more so Facebook, Tick Tok's audience is purely teenage: to understand what this application is and why it is needed, you need to be younger. At least a soul :)

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