Igor Mann. What is AIDA

Igor Mann. What is AIDA

Igor Mann on the Attention-Interest-Desire-Action concept
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Printed 2012-05-20

Igor Mann . What is AIDA

Now let's talk about the most important word in marketing. And surprisingly, this word is called AIDA. Or, to be more precise, in English AIDA. This is such a simple communication model, according to which the relationship between the company and its customers should be built. That is, every time you do some kind of communication with your customers, you must do it according to the AIDA model. Four English letters: A is Attention, I is Interest, D is Desire, A is Action. 

Now watch for my fingers. First (A): you must definitely get attention as we go into the room and say “hello everyone”, we thus draw attention to ourselves. Second: we can attract attention, but may not be interesting for the company. And, accordingly, the company quickly turns away from us to someone else. We must not lose contact with the audience. We must be interested in them through our advertising messages, letter, text, video and so on. Next, we must make sure that the client has Desire (desire) to use our product and service. I'm not even shy to say that a person should saliva flow, he should be aroused at your product or at your service, he should passionately desire. And the last: do not forget to use the most important word in this model - Action. You must induce the person to action. We must tell him: “Buy, call, order, take for a test drive.” 

One American study was conducted, and it was found out that the same ad has a completely different conversion. In one ad our telephone was written, and in the other it was written “call us by phone”. And in the second case there were 38% more calls. That is, you will have more than a third of calls only because you begin to prompt a person to act. If you take my business card, it will read on it: “Call, come visit, write.” This is the same impulse to action. 

Once again: the main thing (the first A) is to attract attention, the last A is to be prompted to action. And between this, we must be interesting for our buyer, we must excite him in relation to our product or our service, he should want it. AIDA is the most important word of marketing. “Ayda” is used in business. 

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