Igor Mann: the main task of marketing

Igor Mann: the main task of marketing

Igor Mann on the main task of marketing in any business
Michael CEO&Founder

Printed 2010-05-20

Now let's talk about the most important task of marketing. If you open any textbook on marketing, you will see about a dozen different tasks that you can set for the marketing department, the marketing department, the marketing department, and the people who are involved in marketing. But I believe that the three most important tasks are to increase the recognition of the company; this is to bring to market a new product, a new service. And now, attention, the most important marketing task is to increase sales. 

Igor Mann. Marketing Tasks

The problem is that we must admit that this is indeed the most important task, but almost no one knows how to do it. All the time I cared about finding the answer to the question of how to do this. I re-read a huge number of books, did not find a single sensible book on this topic and wrote a book (PushBook), which is called “To increase turns!”. I sincerely recommend you find this PushBook, be sure to read it. In it you will see that there are only 5 directions in which you can move, increasing sales and 47 actions. I don't have time to tell you about all 47 actions, but the directions are very important to note:

  • You should definitely think about your positioning. 
  • You must debug your points of contact
  • You must include all possible factors of the human factor at full capacity
  • You must work out your marketing mix
  • You must work correctly with your customers

5 directions and 47 actions. You can use this PushBook as a checklist. You read, understand what is suitable for your company, begin to do this point by point. No miracles - 5 directions, 47 actions. 

And remember: the most important task of marketing is neither fame, nor popularity, nor fan, namely increasing sales. We must do everything possible to increase sales. If you are not involved in increasing sales, then you are doing nonsense. This is not marketing. We increase sales. 

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