Igor Mann: how to work with clients (PRUV)

Igor Mann: how to work with clients (PRUV)

Igor Mann on the PRUV customer service methodology
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Printed 2019-05-20

Igor Mann : customer service

Hello! I am Igor Mann. And today we'll talk about the PRUV model. We have already talked about the 4P model - this is a classic American marketing concept that explains marketing through 4 areas of your work (products, sales channels, communication channels and pricing). But it seems to me that this is a very complicated story for a Russian entrepreneur, a business person, and even for a specialist. And I usually explain what marketing is, with the help of my own PRUV model. P is customer acquisition, P is customer relationship management, customer flow, U is customer retention, and B is customer return. In short, marketing is PROV marketing, when you attract customers, work correctly with the customer base, with the customer flow, and retain your customers. If you suddenly lost them, you return them. 

In short, if you work with clients according to the PROV model, you are engaged in marketing. Just what the Americans forgot in their 4P model. Remember, I talked about what we talked about products, channels, communications, sales channels, pricing, and forgot about customers. In my model, in the PRUV model, the client is present everywhere. We attract them, work with them correctly, we hold them correctly, return them correctly. I can advise you to start from the end. You can simply take and return those customers that you lost (there is a book called “Returnees”) and on this, with a full hand, do the other three blocks - attracting, working with clients and retaining. 

By the way, work with clients should also be carried out correctly, for this I came up with a model of BDCH. You should try to sell to customers who you have more, faster, more expensive, longer and more often. Believe me, it sounds very difficult, but when you start to use it in your work, you will understand that you are obviously not completing something - either you are not working with clients, or you are not retaining them, or you are not returning them and focus only on attracting. Marketing is not only customer acquisition, marketing is a comprehensive work with clients according to the PRVV model. We attract, work, hold and return, do not forget - for what. 

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