Igor Mann. How to stand out among competitors?

Igor Mann. How to stand out among competitors?

Igor Mann on how to differ from competitors
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Printed 2017-05-20

Igor Mann . How to stand out? 

A difficult question, because there are a very significant number of options with which you can rebuild from competitors, differ from them. Suppose Jack Trout and Al Rice talk about the fact that there are about 10 global ways to create detuning from other market participants. But if they talk only about ten ways, then another expert from America believes that there are 57 ways to differentiate. I usually talk about all this in workshops. But, again, you need to keep in mind that everyone will be comfortable to rebuild using some specific method from this list. Or, for example, the choice of the method of tuning can be based on the fact that customers consider one of your sides stronger than your competitors. 

Find the correct description of the facts in which you differ from your competitors, and create for its beautiful packaging. Because different things can be described in very different ways. I once was responsible for marketing in 68 countries, working as a regional marketing director in Europe. It was a region of Central-Eastern Europe - the Middle East and Africa. At some point during this time I had a working trip to Poland. And one of my Polish comrades, who occupied approximately 60% of the market for system integrators, I asked: "How are you really different from your competitors?" He answered me: “We work well.” I say: "Well, this is water." He says: "Wait, you have not completely listened to me." He paused theatrically and continued: “We are damn good at work.” Sometimes this intonation, one word absolutely changes the attitude to the spoken phrase!. 

Therefore, I repeat once again: detuning from competitors can be done in dozens of different ways. You need to choose this method among the many, correctly pack it, beautifully and give it right and constantly remind your clients about it - in the forehead, only this way (not all understand the hints). It is necessary to say this directly. It should be in all advertising materials, business cards, on your website, in commercial offers, in all presentations: “We are better than this and that.” 

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